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Sultan Palace
Have you ever went to Yogyakarta, or have you hear Yogyakarta City. If you don't know, let we see a moment. Yogyakarta is located about 500 km east side from capital city of Indonesia. Yogyakarta known as student city since it have many university and also know as 2nd Indonesia tourism city after Bali. Average temperature is tropical temperature, so it will be good if we visit to Yogyakarta at dry season from February until September.
Yogyakarta have many interesting place to be visit. For you who like past inheritence, there are many buddhist temple. The biggest temple is Borobudur temple. For you who like to go to beach, there are many good beach. Let we see the vacation place and interesting place in Yogyakarta deeper. For a moment let we explore about temple in Yogyakarta.

Borobudur Temple
Candi Borobudur (Borobudur Temple)
It's located about 50 km north west of Yogyakarta and one of remarkable monument in Indonesia, a splendid work of art and the largest budhhist temple in the world. If you come and visit. Below is the photo taken when I went to Borobudur temple.
Borobudur Temple is the most important Buddhist temple complex in south-east Asia. It is situated some 45 km from Yogjakarta, one of the provinces in Indonesia are located in Java. Erected in the 8th and 9th century under the dynasty of Sailendra, it has been declared a world cultural heritage site. The giant step-pyramid consists of three main terraces, each representing one of the cosmic spheres of Ramayana Buddhism. It is best visited early in the morning when the light is not too strong and there are not too many tourist.
One appeal of the Borobudur temple is the architectural style that has its own characteristics. In addition to the main building of Borobudur temples, this temple has a stupa (a small temple which has 7 pieces).
In addition to seeing the beauty of Borobudur, in Yogjakarta you can visit Jalan Malioboro Yogyakarta(Malioboro Street). In this place you can buy all sorts of souvenirs, typical handicrafts of Yogyakarta Indonesia, in this place we also witnessed the appearance of Yogyakarta artists featuring traditional performances.
Sewu Temple

Candi Sewu (Sewu Temple)
It hase about one thousand of temple located in one place. Based on people story, it was made by man who would engage beautiful lady, but the lady asked the man to build one thousand temple before morning. So the man build this one thousand temple in one night. Well whether you believe or not, this place is interesting place to visit

Candi Sari (Sari Temple)
Another candi located 13 km from Yogyakarta. Almost same with the others, this temple is budhist temple.

Sambi Sari Temple

Sambisari temple
The Sambisari temple is the located Sambisari Village Purwomartani - 12 km from Yogyakarta city. It has just been found perhaps is 1966, when a farmer, accidentally hit the top of the temple that was buried on his farm with his hoe. Based on a geological research, this temple of 6 m was buried by Merapi eruption in 1906. The Sambi- sari temple is a Hindu temple of tenth century that was built by a king of the dynasty of Sanjaya, with Shiva Statue as great teacher who settled in his room
Plaosan Temple

Plaosan Temple
Plaosan Temple is about one kilometer at the east of the Sewu Temple. This Buddhist temple consists of two main temples standing side by side, each having terrace bases. The relief carved on the southern main temple portrays a man, and the other one shows a woman. Another peculiar object, which is interesting to see, is its "perwara" temple for its 'slender stupa'.
Well, actually at least there are five famous temple located around Yogyakarta. Those temple is place that we should be visit when we go to Yogyakarta. For next, we will take a look another interesting place in Yogyakarta for Vacation.